About Us

Brunnei was founded on the core belief that fashion, like all the things making life pleasurable, is worth doing at the highest standards. Our mission is to support both aspiring and experienced fashion designers fulfill their creative goals by providing them with world-class consultancy, development and production services. In efforts to promote emerging fashion brands that challenge the industry standards, we’ve gathered a team of foremost sourcing specialists, pattern makers and sample makers equipped with the skills needed to handle each stage of clothing manufacturing.

Meet the Team

Elad Borenstein started his career in fashion in 2003. In 2014 , he founded the renowned company "IDAN COHEN" which quickly became a top Haute Couture brand all over the world. Borenstein takes pride in having created couture clothing items worn by celebrities such as Nicky Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and many more.

Gaining experience with the latest technologies and software in the marketplace, working with over 30 stores and developing thousands of garments in various categories, he became acquainted with the inner workings of the industry, while expanding his artistic sense. Motivated by his mutual love for fashion and exquisite craftsmanship, Borenstein create Brunnei, a fashion consultancy & development company aspiring to become a reliable partner to visionary fashion designers across the world. Having experience as designer and manufacturer, Elad is familiar with the usual challenges and possess the skills and expertise required to tackle them. Our ultimate goal is to support the fashion community by simplifying the development and production processes at the highest quality while maintaining a competitive price.