What do I need to get started?

To get started, we would need detailed information about your project and how we can be of help. Based on the details provided, our friendly designers will send out an introduction appointment which usually lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

Kindly follow the appointment link and fill in the required details, we look forward to hearing from you!


How much will it cost to develop a line?

 The cost varies based on the complexity of the project and how that affects the hours of labor required to complete the line. We recognize the uniqueness of each project and treat each one with the same level of attention and dedication to maintain our quality of work.


What type of garments can you make?

We are capable of handling all garment categories, and our highly skilled artisans maintain the same level of quality for all projects. Our machinery is suitable for light and heavyweight garments such as plus sizes, bridal, suits, swimwear and much more.


Do you work with clients who are not local?

Absolutely! Our range of services is available across the US. Design consultation, sourcing, and fittings can be fulfilled via email, telephone call or FaceTime.

When choosing materials, we want to be sure that everything is to your liking and thus, would need your approval on the quality and details of the samples and prototypes which we can ship directly to you.


How should I prepare for a design consultation meeting and what should I expect?

Ideally, you would need to provide us with in-depth details such as sources of inspiration, materials required and a deadline for delivering the initial prototype. Hand-drawn sketches would be helpful to have but they are not mandatory for the meeting. The primary purpose of our design consultations is to help you across all aspects of your project – from reviewing your sketches and designs to suggesting cost-effective options based on your budget.


What is a reference sample?

A reference sample is a garment which helps us have a clear understanding of the design and fit of the product. Ideally, the sample provided would be in the same category as your fabric in terms of stretch and weight and it should fit the fit model perfectly. Depending on the complexity of the project, we would recommend that you source the reference sample to us to be sure that it fits your design status. In some cases, would be able to provide reference samples on request.


What is a pattern?

A pattern is used as a template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto the fabric before being cut out and assembled. To ensure an excellent customized fit, the pattern drafting which incorporates various shapes and proportions must be tailored for the individual customer. Following the design consultation meeting, we are able to produce patterns according to your fit model.


What is a tech pack?

A tech pack contains design information from our design consultants and technical designers to pass on to the manufacturers to begin the production process. Our team will be able to provide, on request, a detailed tech pack. The end goal is to minimize the number of samples made in order to save time and bring the final product to market faster.


What is a line sheet and how can we help?

A line sheet presents all product images and required information such as color, size variations, and prices for wholesale buyers to have a comprehensive view before making a final decision. When targeting large retailers, a line sheet is an absolute must have to present your line in a professional manner. We are more than willing to set up a photo shoot and have one of our expert graphic designers design your line on request after the development samples are approved.


What is Block?

A block is an excellent tool for decreasing development costs significantly and allows you to create a “staple” collection. Diving into more details, a block is a silhouette which undergoes minor changes from season to season. As an example, a

T-shirt which changes trim or adding a pocket to a skirt. Due to its simplicity and easy implementation, a block can be a great way to establish a fit for your brand and add more items to your collection in a cost-efficient manner.


What is a look book and what is it used for?

A look book is a fashion catalog and also the backbone of your marketing campaigns, serving as an ideal way to present your collection with well styled and attractive images. The main point is to get creative with your collection and attract the attention it deserves by creating a theme which speaks with your target audience. We can set up your look book on request after a consultation meeting where we would aim to find out more about your vision for the collection and how you would like to have it presented.


How long does a design consultation meeting last?

The time factor varies depending on your current progress and the complexity of each design. On average, it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to conclude a style but that time frame may change depending on the complexity of the design and the variety of materials you might have to opt for. In order to save time, we would recommend having the right reference sample which fits your fit model along with pictures and/or short videos.


How long would a fitting and revision take?

On average, it would take between 15 to 30 minutes for each style. Once we complete the sample, you will be notified to set up a fitting with your fit model and us. Depending on the outcome, revisions or additional requirements will be considered and a time frame of completion will be offered on the spot.


Do you provide a fit model?

We could connect you with local model agencies and offer you a list of models depending on your specifications. Other alternatives could be providing us with your own fit model or be the fit model yourself. One important thing to keep in mind is that consistency is key and you should consider using the same fit model throughout the entire process.


Do you provide fabrics?

e provide full fabric shopping services and provide samples from audited suppliers, but it does come at an additional cost and can only be handled after the design consultation meeting has been concluded. All the materials requested can be sampled first, and we can ship them directly to you. Additionally, if requested, we can narrow down the choices for you according to the specifications you provide us with. Once you are fully happy with the fabric samples provided, we can order them for you.


Do you provide materials?

On request, we can provide you with a dedicated sourcing manager who will work directly with you. All our sourcing managers are experienced professionals with vast expertise in the fashion industry, and we have selected only a few select vendors to ensure the consistency of the quality provided.


How long does the cut and sew production take?

It highly depends on the complexity of the project. On average, our studio level production is able to produce quick turnarounds varying between 4 to 8 weeks. In the case of an emergency or strict deadline, we are able to prioritize your project and improve our turnaround to 1 to 4 weeks, but it does come at an additional cost.


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